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Q:  What are the advantages of preplanning and prepaying for my funeral service?

There are many advantages to preplanning and prepaying for your funeral service.  First of all, there is the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your wishes will be carried out just as you would want them to be.  Many people have specific requests or wishes that are unique to their life and situation, and preplanning your funeral ensures that those requests and wishes will be carried out just as you want them.  Your survivors don't have to wonder if they are doing things as you wished.

Prepaying your funeral service has many advantages, including relieving your survivors of the financial burden of paying for your final expenses.  Many firms, such as ours, will also guarantee the prices of our services and merchandise when pre-paid -- thereby locking in the price and serving as a hedge against inflation.  Also, if you should have to apply for financial assistance (or are already on financial assistance), you are very limited as to how many assets you can have and still qualify for assistance.  Rising healthcare, nursing home, and medication costs have caused an increasing number of people to have to resort to financial assistance from the government.  If you have a life insurance policy with cash value, this would be considered an asset and could disqualify you for assistance.  Pre-paid funeral plans are not considered an asset, and would be exempted when applying for financial assistance.  Most life insurance policies also do not keep up with inflation in today's economy, a situation that would be averted by locking in the price in a guaranteed pre-paid funeral plan.  Our firm has plans available with many payment options available to suit your particular situation.

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